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    What to Expect If You’re Charged with a DUI

    Feb 14 2018 in DUI

    If you have recently been arrested and charged for DUI in Pennsylvania, you may be asking the question, “what can I expect to happen next?” In order to answer this question, let’s briefly review the first few steps of a typical Pennsylvania DUI case. An…

    Will Medical Marijuana Use Limit Your Gun Rights?

    Feb 07 2018 in Medical Marijuana

    As the medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania moves forward in 2018, conflicts have arisen between state and federal law regulations involving a difficult issue. The conflict involves whether individuals who use marijuana in the state for authorized medical purposes can also legally own and purchase…

    New Law Makes Leaving Animals in the Cold a Felony

    Jan 30 2018 in Criminal Defense

    Libre’s Law passed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on June 29, 2017 at the State Capitol, and it imposes more severe penalties on those convicted of certain types of animal cruelty. Libre’s Law is named…

    Most Common DUI Myths

    Jan 16 2018 in Criminal Defense, DUI

    Getting pulled over for suspicion of DUI can be a startling experience. You may realize that you are facing serious legal troubles. You may know that you are not legally intoxicated and all the more determined to defend yourself against any pending charges. Regardless of…