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    Violence in the City of Pittsburgh

    Jun 16 2017 in Violent Crimes

    Until very recently, violent crime rates in America had been steadily falling since their peak in the early 1990s. When the FBI released its Uniform Crime Report in early 2017, it revealed an increase in violent crime in many of the country’s major cities over…

    Avoiding a DUI This Memorial Day Weekend

    May 26 2017 in DUI

    According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), nearly 2 million American soldiers have been killed in the line of duty. Memorial Day is a time to recognize those who have served, and to reflect on the privileges that we enjoy thanks to…

    Use of Surveillance Cameras in Criminal Cases

    Apr 21 2017 in Criminal Defense

    If you ever watch the news, you have probably caught a glimpse of how surveillance camera footage can be used to catch criminals and potentially during trials. This type of video seems to be most common for burglary and robbery cases. A business will have…

    What Is Income Tax Fraud?

    Apr 14 2017 in Criminal Defense, Fraud

    As the income tax deadline quickly approaches this April, it is time to ensure your current taxes are in order. Sloppy mistakes or misunderstandings regarding the income you are required to declare to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue or U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can…