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    Breathalyzers and Field Sobriety Tests at DUI Checkpoints

    Feb 24 2017 in DUI

    In recent years, law enforcement has made a concerted effort to crack down on drunk driving. A main component of this campaign is DUI checkpoints, or areas that officers use to catch drunk drivers. In most cases, these checkpoints are impossible to see from afar….

    Crimes of Opportunity in Pennsylvania

    Feb 17 2017 in Criminal Defense

    When thinking of well-known crimes, such as theft or murder, most people imagine hatred, violence, and intense planning. However, many crimes are not premeditated, making them the result of impulsive bad decisions. Although these crimes may not be as malicious as those that are planned…

    Selling Drugs to Minors in Pennsylvania

    Feb 10 2017 in Drug Crimes

    Since the war on drugs was declared in 1971, drug crimes have received punishments that are normally assigned for serious felonies. This is especially true for specialized drug crimes, such as selling drugs to minors and drug crimes that take place within a drug-free zone….

    Expansion of Sealing Criminal Records in Pennsylvania

    Jan 25 2017 in Criminal Defense

    Criminal convictions can continue to cause problems professionally and personally long after you have satisfied any criminal penalties. A pre-employment background check that reveals your prior conviction can make finding new employment extremely difficult. Additionally, the availability of personal information on the internet means that…