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    Does TV Make Us Perceive More Crime?

    Oct 03 2014 in Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes

    It seems like every season there is a new crime-solving show on television. With so much fictionalized violence on TV and even more crime reported in the news, it is not difficult to imagine that the depiction of violence may affect our own perceptions of…

    Mandatory Minimums Not Allowed for Certain Charges

    Sep 25 2014 in Firearms & Weapons Rights

    As of August 20th, certain crimes where a gun is present, including drug convictions and robberies, will no longer automatically trigger mandatory minimum laws. The Pennsylvania Superior Court has ruled that mandatory minimums for drug convictions involving a firearm are unconstitutional. In this case, Jason…

    Trials & Expert Testimony

    Sep 08 2014 in 2014, Pennsylvania Criminal Process

    Thanks to the many crime-solving television shows, most of us are familiar with the use of expert testimony in trials. Expert witnesses have specific knowledge, training, and/or experience to help the court understand particularly technical or complex elements of cases. Because expert witnesses are recognized…