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    Recent Pitt Grad’s DUI Reduced, Able to Maintain New Job

    May 12 2014 in 2014, Case Results, DUI, Student and Underage Crimes

    A recent University of Pittsburgh graduate was out with friends one evening, and he lost track of how much he actually had to drink. While driving home, he didn’t pay attention to his speed and was pulled over by the police. Law enforcement noticed the smell of alcohol along with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and tested him for DUI. Our client was charged with a first-time DUI as well as speeding. His case was heard in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.

    After being charged, he contacted us to find out what his options were. After graduating from Pitt, he was hired by the University as a recruiter working for admissions. If convicted, he faced termination from his job along with the criminal penalties normally associated with a first-time DUI. With no prior criminal history, he was extremely worried about his future and how this would impact his employment opportunities.

    Following the preliminary hearing, we successfully submitted our client for entrance into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. Though he faced significant penalties, our client did not have to go to jail, his driver’s license suspension was reduced, and he was able to keep his new job with University admissions. Our defense was based on a possible violation of constitutional rights, particularly his Fourth Amendment rights. After representing our client in three court date, we also successfully presented a motion to have his probation terminated early. This means he can also have his criminal record expunged six months earlier than originally anticipated.

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