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Domestic Violence And Assault Charges Dismissed for 49-Year-Old Man

Jun 28 2016, by Mike Worgul in Assault and Domestic Violence, Case Results, Criminal Defense, Notable Case Results

A lot was on the line for a 49-year-old man, when he was charged with domestic violence and assault following a heated argument with his girlfriend. Officers were called to the disturbance by a neighbor and charged the man after noticing visible injuries on the woman. The man, who was a veteran and employed as the director of a consulting company knew that his reputation and lucrative career would suffer immensely from a domestic violence or assault conviction, so he searched for serious legal representation and found the Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys at Worgul Law Firm.

After a consultation, the man retained attorney Samir Sarna, who is adeptly experienced in handling sensitive domestic situations. Attorney Sarna immediately began discussing the particulars with the court, but even though the alleged victim did not want to testify or pursue the charges, the prosecution was hesitant to negotiate for a lesser offense. Once in court, attorney Sarna passionately advocated for his client and the Judge ordered that if no new incidents happen within 90 days, the charges would be dismissed. After the 90 days passed and no new charges were filed, attorney Sarna was able to close the case via paper, saving the client from another court appearance, which greatly pleased him, who has happy to move on from this incident without this legal burden.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.