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    DUI after a Concert Results in ARD

    Aug 04 2017, by Mike Worgul in Case Results, DUI

    Not long ago, a 32-year-old union worker had too much to drink at a Rob Zombie concert in Pittsburgh and was stopped and charged with DUI on his way home. This exposed the man to the possibility of losing his license for a year and maybe spending three days in jail. To protect himself from such harsh consequences, the man retained Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC and Pittsburgh DUI attorney Matthew Ness to work on his behalf. After discussing the matter with the prosecution, attorney Ness facilitated his entry into the ARD program. This allowed his client to reduce his suspension period to a manageable 30 days, removed the need to serve any time behind bars, and permitted him to easily move on from this incident.

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