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Security Guard Accused Of Felony Theft Sees Dismissal

Jun 24 2016, by Mike Worgul in Case Results, Criminal Defense, Notable Case Results, Theft Crimes

When a 61-year-old man, employed as a security guard at a senior living center ran into some very serious legal trouble, he turned to the experienced Worgul Law Firm for help. One day, while he was working, an individual approached him and claimed to be a contractor and requested access to a storage unit located on the premises. The man complied by opening the storage space and even assisted the supposed contractor with loading a couch onto his truck. After the contractor left, it became clear that he was not permitted by the owners to remove the couch. Unfortunately, since the police were unable to apprehend the man who took the item, they charged the security guard with felony theft and conspiracy to commit theft. The charges were heightened to felony offenses because the stolen couch was valued at over $2,000 and the potential for additional enhancements was present due to the fact that the victims were 90-year-old senior citizens. Subsequently, the man was let go from his job and was understandably despondent at facing these felony theft charges and possibly a seven-year prison sentence.

Attorney Samir Sarna vehemently defended the man during a trial and impugned the charges against him. Attorney Sarna was able to cross-examine the officers involved as well as the victims. Additionally, he argued that his client did not have any intent to commit a crime and was in fact merely trying to perform his assigned duties. Since the testimony and evidence showed the man was not criminally responsible, the presiding Judge dismissed the felony theft charges and his client was vindicated. The man is currently pursuing an expungement of the charges from his record, which upon approval will allow him to pursue employment elsewhere.

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