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Theft By Deception Charges Dismissed For A Man In Beaver County

While investment properties are an appealing way to earn money, it is critical to know the fine points of the process. In Beaver County, a man in his 40’s, who makes a living flipping houses was left susceptible to serious legal trouble after becoming involved in a recent property deal. Apparently, the man, along with another business partner, purchased a house that was in foreclosure, renovated the property, and sold it to another party. The new owners eventually became aware there were $10,000 in additional liens on the property that were not accounted for during the sale. The new owners contacted the authorities, who charged the man with theft by deception and conspiracy. The man claimed to have no prior knowledge of these liens; but with the seriousness of these charges, the man was very concerned about the possibility of spending time in jail and the ramifications theft-related convictions would cause him, so he sought out Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC.

After discussing the situation with his client, attorney Samir Sarna researched the property and pulled documents including the Contract of Sale, the Deed, and a Quit Claim Deed from the Recorder’s office. During a discussion with the prosecutor, it became apparent this was not a criminal case, rather a civil matter because the seller absolves all liability for the property and the buyer becomes responsible for any existing liens. As such, the theft by deception and conspiracy charges were dropped and attorney Sarna negotiated with the aggrieved buyers, who agreed not to pursue a lawsuit if his client and his partner provided the necessary funds to alleviate the liens in question. Ultimately, after restitution was made, the client was relieved to move on to his next property, having learned to be more diligent.

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