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If you are being investigated for a federal crime such as tax evasion, illegal drugs or conspiracy, you’re likely stressed and panicked about what will happen to you. There’s not as much information about federal charges online as there are state crimes, and you’re probably wondering how much prison time you might be facing.

A difficult part of being indicted for a federal crime is the amount of evidence that may be stacked against you. Federal agents have the resources to conduct much lengthier and more in-depth investigations than local police do. These investigations may last months or even years, and they may include confidential informants or witnesses. The FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and ATF have the skills and determination to acquire extensive evidence about your case. This includes your phone records, wiretaps of your phone conversations, and a paper trail of your texts and email. They will turn this abundance of evidence over to federal prosecutors, who will be relentless in presenting the case against you.

Having an experienced Pittsburgh federal criminal attorney on your side can ensure that your case is defended aggressively and appropriately against the charges you face. Call Worgul Law Firm today at for a free legal consultation with an experienced federal lawyer.

Federal Sentencing

The federal court system’s rules and procedures vary significantly from those in other courts. One of the ways they differ the most is in the complicated sentencing guidelines judges must use to determine how those convicted of federal crimes should be punished.

There are 43 different levels of federal criminal crimes that judges must use for sentencing. Points are also assigned based on additional factors such as a defendant’s prior convictions.

When all is factored in, a defendant will be slotted into one of four sentencing zones. Each has its own range of time that must be served in a federal prison, although at sentencing federal judges can increase or reduce someone’s sentence based on mitigating factors.

United States pretrial services officers begin the federal sentencing process by conducting an investigation to determine where they think a defendant falls in the point range. A copy of their findings will be sent to your attorney, who will then have the right to meet with them and point out any errors they believe were made. A skilled federal attorney may be able to lessen your sentence at this point.

Hiring an Experienced Pittsburgh Federal Criminal Attorney

It is critical in federal cases that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. Your earliest questioning by law enforcement will be pivotal in your case and it is important that you do not make any statements that can later be used against you. When you ask for counsel, all interrogation has to stop.

With the many differences between state and federal court, it is essential that you choose a lawyer who has experience trying cases in federal court. Your attorney will guide you and give you the knowledgeable advice you need to make the best possible decisions every step of the way.

Scope Of Federal Crimes

Federal crimes include everything from hiding your income on your tax return or hacking into a bank’s computer system to bribing foreign officials to award your company with a large government contract.

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