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Those who accept bribes, and those who offer them, can both be prosecuted under state and federal laws. If you are charged with bribery, you risk harsher penalties if you are convicted in a federal court.

Bribery Laws in Pennsylvania

Bribery occurs when a government official such as a legislator, judge, mayor, commissioner or police officer, is offered money or something of value in return for a decision or action that benefits the individual offering the bribe.

For example, a mayor can be found guilty of bribery charges if he or she accepts cash and gifts from contractors bidding on city projects.

Someone does not have to actually obtain money or a gift for bribery to take place. They only need to agree to accept a bribe or kickback – or to make the offer.

Federal bribery charges are frequently prosecuted under the Hobbs Act.

Bribery of Foreign Officials

Bribery of foreign officials is on the increase as more organizations do business globally. For example, a U.S. high-tech company might bribe government officials in another country to give them a lucrative contract to supply computer equipment.

Federal charges are usually prosecuted under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.

Penalties & Jail Time for Bribery in Pennsylvania

Individuals who are found guilty of bribery can be sentenced to as many as 15 years in a federal prison. People convicted of bribery are prohibited from holding another government office.

Should You Hire a Pittsburgh Bribery Attorney for Your Charges?

If you learn you are the subject of a federal and/or state investigation, it is critical that you hire an experienced federal defense attorney immediately. Even if you have not been formally indicted, you can anticipate that the evidence gathered by federal law enforcement will be extensive. Having a federal defense attorney on your side during this process to ensure that your rights are not violated and to begin preparing your defense is key.

When you meet with your Pittsburgh federal defense lawyer, be sure to share your side of what has happened. Your attorney will make discovery requests to obtain items such as wiretap recordings, photographic evidence, lab reports, and law enforcement reports. They will go over this information carefully to find anything inaccurate or inconsistent that can strengthen your case.

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