Pittsburgh Arson & Property Crime Attorneys

You face incarceration and fines for arson and other property crimes if convicted.

If you or a family member have been accused of a crime like arson, criminal trespass or criminal mischief, you are probably very concerned about what will happen next. Crimes that involve property damage are extremely costly for businesses, individuals, and government. Prosecutors and police make it a priority to track down and prosecute those that they suspect of arson and property crimes. You may have been the target of months or even years of investigation by local, state, and even federal law enforcement, depending on where the property crime occurred.

Working with an experienced Pittsburgh defense attorney can help you avoid some or all of the harshest consequences of an arson or property crime charge.

How a Pittsburgh Defense Attorney Can Help

It’s important to choose a lawyer who has previously represented clients accused of arson and property crime charges. An experienced Pittsburgh defense attorney will have worked with the prosecutors handling your case many times before. They can draw on their relationships and understanding of the local court system to try to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Scope Of Arson And Property Crimes

In Pittsburgh, arson and property crimes include everything from spray-painting the sign in front of your school to burning down your house to get an insurance payoff.

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Criminal Mischief — How a criminal mischief charge will change your life.

Defiant Trespass — The penalties for defiant trespassing.

Institutional Vandalism — What to expect if you are charged with institutional vandalism.

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If you have been chargeed with arson, trespassing, vandalism, or another form of property crimes, do not delay in seeking out an experienced Pittsburgh defense attorney who can review the evidence against you and defend your rights.

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