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Learn about the charges and penalties for violent crimes in Pennsylvania.

Crimes that result in serious or fatal injuries to others are the ones prosecuted most fiercely in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. Police make it a high priority to track down those they suspect of violent crimes. During their investigations, they often use every means possible to find damaging information they can turn over to prosecutors.

If you or a family member have been accused of a violent crime like manslaughter or murder, you’re likely panicking about what will happen and how best to defend yourself to avoid prison.

Having an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney on your side is key. Depending on your unique legal situation, the Commonwealth may have substantial evidence leading to your arrest. Many times, evidence is obtained illegally or in violation of your rights; in these instances, evidence may be suppressed with the help of experienced counsel. In other instances, the prosecution may have witnesses. Whether or not these witnesses are reliable or not is something that your defense attorney can argue against. There are many ways that charges for violent crimes can be reduced or dropped with the help of an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney.

There are lines of defense that can be used to exonerate you. If you are a suspect in a violent crime, it is crucial that you have an attorney with the experience to use them.

If you are accused of murder or manslaughter, and you were acting in self-defense under Pennsylvania’s castle doctrine, your Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney will work with the evidence to show the killing was justifiable. If a plea negotiation makes sense in your situation and is offered by the Commonwealth, your attorney will negotiate for the best possible outcome in your situation and help you understand your legal options.

Scope of Violent Crimes

In Pittsburgh, violent crimes include everything from seriously injuring a store clerk during a robbery to killing your spouse in the heat of a powerful rage.

Robbery — What to expect if you are arrested for robbery.

Manslaughter — Consequences of a manslaughter charge.

Murder — Different kinds of murder charges and their penalties.

Violent Crimes Defense — A guide to the castle doctrine and how it can be used.

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