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Even if you are found guilty for your Pittsburgh DUI charge, all is not lost. You still have the option of an appeal.

Appeal a DUI in Pennsylvania

You have the right to appeal the court’s ruling. However when reviewing your case, an Appellate Court will only consider issues that claim errors of law, not facts.

You may have a case for appealing your conviction if mistakes were made by the attorney who represented you. For example, if the attorney misrepresented you and allowed evidence to be heard by the court that damaged your case and should have been dismissed.

If you believe you do have grounds for an appeal, you will need to consult with an attorney. Look for a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer who has the experience to handle your case.

Bring all of the paperwork connected with your case to the meeting. The attorney will ask you detailed questions about what happened at your trial. After going over the issues involved, he or she will advise you whether the court will consider your appeal.

Your Pittsburgh DUI appeals lawyer will file a notice of appeal if the case can go forward to an Appellate Court. When your case is heard, new evidence can’t be introduced. Your attorney will only be allowed to argue about legal mistakes in your original trial.

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