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Below are some resources for alcohol and other substance abuse in the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County area.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Click here to find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the Pittsburgh area.

Drug and Alcohol Services for Adults Involved with the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

Here is a list of the steps needed to obtain substance abuse services and treatment in Allegheny County.

resolve Crisis Network, UPMC

The following emergency care and other services are offered by re:solve Crisis Network, UPMC:

24-hour Drug-Alcohol Emergency/Crisis Assistance
1-888-796-8226 (1-888-7 YOU CAN)
Call 24/7 to speak with a trained counselor

The Mobile dispatch unit has trained crisis counselors who will travel to where you are — anywhere in Allegheny County.

re:solve also offers walk-ins with no appointment needed, 333 N. North Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh. Just walk in and talk about your concerns or those of a family member or friend.

You can also see residential and/or overnight services (up to 72 hours) for individuals, ages 14 and older, whose crisis extends over a period of time.

Pittsburgh Outpatient and Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Addison Behavioral Care Inc.
    Phone: (412) 731-2353
    Address: 905 West Street 4th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    Addison Behavioral Care Inc provides drug and alcohol day treatment designed for adolescents, women and criminal justice clients.
  • Allegheny County Department of Human Services: Office of Behavioral Health: Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services
    Phone: (412) 350-3328
    Address: One Smithfield Street, Suite 300 Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    Provides a wide variety of substance abuse assessment, treatment and recovery services.
  • Alliance Medical Services Inc
    Phone: (412) 488-6360
    Address: 739 Ensign Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15226.
    Alliance Medical Services Inc is an alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab center with special services for women, as well as HIV-AIDS and methadone maintenance.
  • Alpha House Inc
    Phone (412) 363-4220
    Address: 435 Shady Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206.
    Alpha House Inc offers both outpatient treatment and residential long-term rehab. They use a “whole-person” treatment approach.
  • Center for Psychiatric and Chemical
    Phone (412) 246-5910
    Address: 3501 Forbes Avenue 9th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Services include mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as drug and alcohol detox and services for minors.
  • Cornell Abraxas Group Inc., Inpatient Non-Hospital Treatment & Rehab
    Phone: (412) 244-3710
    Address: 306 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    Medically monitored residential treatment for youth, adults and families.
  • Discovery House PA
    Phone: (412) 661-9222
    Address: 1391 Washington Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15206
    Discovery House PA offers outpatient treatment for both men and women.
  • FamilyLinks Inc
    Phone: (412) 661-1800
    Address: 1601 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab center that provides services for adolescents, families and women. Provides standard and intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and long-term residential services.
  • Gateway
    Phone: (412) 963-7077
    Address: 1360 Old Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238
    Wide-ranging care in alcohol and drug treatment in a tranquil setting. Includes services for minors.
  • Greenbriar Treatment Center
    Phone: (412) 829-2103
    Address: 400 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 707 Penn Center East Building 4 Pittsburgh, PA 15235
    Greenbriar Treatment Center offers comprehensive outpatient treatment and drug and alcohol day treatment.
  • Holy Family Social Services/Shores
    Phone: (412) 761-0236
    Address: 8324 Ohio River Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15202
    Provides outpatient treatment for a wide variety of people including court-appointed clients, LGBT, seniors, women, men and dual diagnosis.
  • Homewood/Brushton YMCA
    Phone: (412) 243-2900
    Address: 7140 Bennett Street Pittsburgh, PA 15208
    Outpatient treatment for substance abuse.
  • House of the Crossroads
    Phone: (412) 281-5265
    Address: 2201 Wylie Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Provides alcohol and drug treatment and outpatient treatment, and can provide Spanish help for Spanish speakers.
  • Mercy Behavioral Health
    Phone: (877) 637-2924
    Address: 925 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    Mercy Behavioral Health offers mental health as well as substance abuse treatment, with special services for those convicted of DUI.
  • Persad Center Inc
    Phone: (412) 441-9786
    Address: 5150 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224
    Provides outpatient treatment in an atmosphere of acceptance with a focus on the LGBT community.
  • Positive Impact Treatment Services
    Phone: (412) 219-3618
    Address: 410 Grant St Suite# S866 Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Offers outpatient treatment as well as residential long-term rehab for clients that include LGBT with needs such as methadone maintenance.
  • POWER Halfway House
    Phone: (412) 271-0500
    Address: 7445 Church Street Pittsburgh, PA 15218
    POWER Halfway House is an alcohol rehab and drug treatment program serving women and offering transitional housing and residential long-term rehab.
  • POWER Outpatient Program
    Phone: (412) 243-8755
    Address: 905 Watson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    POWER Outpatient Treatment specializes in treating women and Spanish speakers.
  • Progressive Medical Specialists Inc
    Phone: (412) 391-6384
    Address: 2900 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
    Alcohol and drug treatment and rehab that includes methadone maintenance, methadone detox and outpatient treatment.
  • Salvation Army
    Phone: (412) 231-0500
    Address: 865 West North Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    The Salvation Army provides outpatient treatment and residential long-term rehab for men and those with dual diagnosis.
  • Sojourner House
    Phone: (412) 441-7783
    Address: 5460 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206
    Sojourner House provides residential long-term rehab for women and includes residential beds for children.
  • Summit Medical Services
    Phone: (412) 255-8717
    Address: 3121 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
    Summit Medical Services provides outpatient treatment and provides help for Spanish speakers.
  • Tadiso Inc
    Phone: (412) 322-8415
    Address: 1425 Beaver Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Tadisco offers outpatient treatment and drug and alcohol day treatment.
  • Turtle Creek Valley MH/MR Inc
    Phone: (412) 381-2100
    Address: 70 South 22nd Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203
    Offers outpatient treatment services for DUI and court-appointed clients.
  • VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
    Phone: (412) 954-4092
    Address: 7180 Highland Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15206.
    Care for veterans that includes alcohol screening, substance abuse counseling, outpatient detox, drug and alcohol day treatment and residential short-term rehab.
  • Wesley Spectrum Services
    Phone: (412) 342-2300
    Address: 221 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    Wesley Spectrum Services provides outpatient treatment, mental health and substance abuse treatment and help for those with dual diagnosis.
  • Western Psychiatric Institute/Clinic
    Phone: (412) 363-7383
    Address: 6714 Kelly Street Pittsburgh, PA 15208
    Western Psychiatric Institute/Clinic provides outpatient treatment with services for hearing impaired clients.

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