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Find out more information about drug charges in Pennsylvania and what consequences you may face.

If you or a family member have been accused of a drug crime, you are probably worried and upset. Drug crimes make up a large part of the criminal cases on Pittsburgh-area court dockets. Often the people who are charged are fighting addictions, but they are still punished harshly and, unless they can qualify for a diversion program, are not treated for their dependency.

Drug crimes can draw both federal and Pennsylvania charges. You can draw consequences that range from fines to losing your driver’s license to having to spend months, or even years, in jail.

Working with an experienced defense attorney can make all the difference if you are charged.

An Attorney Can Make All the Difference

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime or you’re being investigated for one, it’s time to seriously consider finding an attorney. Drug charges vary widely in penalties, but they are serious charges no matter the conviction penalties. Attorneys with Worgul Law Firm have been working in the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County region for over a decade, handling drug charges from minor personal possession of marijuana charges up through felony cultivation and possession with intent to deliver charges.

You’ll need a defense lawyer with a clear understanding of the drug laws – local, state, and federal – in order to evaluate the evidence against you and experience negotiating with the prosecutors in this area with favorable outcomes like plea agreements and dismissals. Pennsylvania is a tough state on drug crime because of its minimum sentencing guidelines for certain types of crimes (including drug crimes) and gravity scoring. If you have even one prior criminal offense on your record, that could factor into a judge’s decision to increase your penalties if you’re convicted – all the more reason to avoid it in the first place.

Strong Defense for Drug Crimes

Building a defense for a drug crime depends a lot on the circumstances. Say you were pulled over for speeding, but when you rolled down your window there was a bag of something white poking out of your pocket. The officer noticed and had probable cause to search your vehicle and arrest you on the spot. Or say you were pulled over for speeding and there wasn’t a reason to search your vehicle – but the officer did anyway. The little things matter when it comes down to whether or not certain pieces of evidence can stand up in court. We’ll ask every question possible to understand your case from its fullest perspective, and use that to shape your defense.

A defense lawyer should be with you at your hearings and trials, but more importantly, when you have questions and when you’re worried about your future. It’s critical to act as a team, and clear and consistent communication will help your fight.

Scope of Drug Crimes

In Pittsburgh, drug crimes include everything from possessing a week’s worth of steroids to leading an operation that smuggles OxyContin from Mexico to the Pittsburgh suburbs.

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