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    Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Plea Agreement

    Mar 28 2019 in Criminal Defense

    Plea bargains, or plea agreements, are very common across the United States. According to the Innocence Project, 97 percent of criminal cases are disposed of by way of a plea bargain. There are concerns that many defendants enter these agreements without fully understanding the implications…

    Factors that Cause DUI False Positives

    Mar 19 2019 in DUI

    Breathalyzer devices are powerful pieces of technology that help law enforcement keep our roads safe. However, many people don’t realize that they aren’t infallible. Just because the breathalyzer device says that your BAC is over the legal limit doesn’t mean that it actually is. There…

    Medical Professionals Charged with Drug Distribution

    Mar 06 2019 in Drug Crimes

    Prescription drug distribution has come under heavy enforcement due to the current opioid epidemic. Earlier this month Philadelphia doctor Richard Ira Mintz pleaded guilty in federal court to eight counts of illegally distributing prescription drugs. According to federal investigators, Dr. Mintz wrote and sold oxycodone…

    New Law Makes Hazing a Felony in PA

    Feb 07 2019 in Student and Underage Crimes

    In response to the death of a Penn State freshman, Pennsylvania has enacted a new anti-hazing law. Known as the “Timothy Piazza Anti-Hazing Law,” the new legislation raises the classification of fraternity hazing to a felony. Named for the student who died as a result…