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Rape By Forcible Compulsion Charge Dismissed

Our client was charged with rape by forcible compulsion. The charge is a first-degree felony with a maximum sentence of 20 years incarceration. Our client needed help to avoid a lengthy prison sentence that would forever alter his life, and…

Trials & Expert Testimony

Thanks to the many crime-solving television shows, most of us are familiar with the use of expert testimony in trials. Expert witnesses have specific knowledge, training, and/or experience to help the court understand particularly technical or complex elements of cases….

Worgul Recently Co-Authored Special Report on Marijuana Legalization

Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer Michael Worgul has recently co-authored a Thomson Reuters’ special report entitled Recent Trends in the Legalization of Marijuana: Understanding Federal Laws, Interpreting Changing State Laws, and Navigating the Conflict Between Them. To learn more or to…