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Armstrong County Man Acquitted of Rape and Other Charges

Recently, an oil and gas heavy machine operator in Armstrong County found himself facing multiple criminal charges, including:

With the possibility of over three decades in prison looming – in addition to sex offender registration and other penalties – the man knew he needed the help of a skilled Pittsburgh sex crimes attorney. This is what brought him to Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys.

The client’s charge stems from a situation with a woman he met at a convenience store and developed a friendship with over the span of a period of time. While the woman did not qualify it as a friendship, this man spent time with her, having discussions about various topics – even the woman’s allegedly “boring” boyfriend.

During one conversation, the woman revealed that she could use some extra money. The client’s wife had previously left him, and he neglected to keep up with the housework, so he invited her over to clean his house. When the day came for her to clean, she showed up with no supplies. The two chatted for a bit, indulged in some drinks, and ended up discussing different sex acts they were interested in. The two eventually began to fool around, ending up in the bedroom where the woman moved the client’s hands from her breast to her neck, asking to be choked.

At no point in this exchange did penetration occur. After a while, the woman began to feel sick from the throat squeezing, so she went to the bathroom where she noticed bruising. Worried that her boyfriend would notice, she stopped fooling around with the client. Instead, she smoked some cigarettes, had a few drinks, washed his dishes, and went home. It was here where she got into an argument with her mother, causing her to storm out and go to an ex-boyfriend’s home – where she revealed to her ex that she was raped.

The police got involved, obtained a search warrant for the client’s home, and eventually charged him with the above offenses. The client maintained his innocence throughout the whole process, so attorney Matthew Ness took the case to trial to prove this. The woman testified that while she did show the client her underwear and nude photos of herself, she did not consent to any sexual activity.

The client also testified, and after a 35-minute deliberation, the jury returned and acquitted him of all charges.

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