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Cancer Patient’s Controlled Substance Charges Reduced

We recently helped a man in his mid-40s who was charged with multiple drug-related offenses in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. A cancer patient using marijuana and other controlled substances to help cope with therapy, the man was ultimately charged with one count of possession with intent to deliver (an ungraded felony), one count of conspiracy for possession with intent to deliver (an ungraded felony), and 12 counts of possession of controlled substances (an ungraded misdemeanor).

After allegedly making purchases from a confidential informant, the police obtained and executed a search warrant for the man’s home. They identified over five pounds of marijuana and numerous other controlled substances including mushrooms, ecstasy, and prescription medications in his home.

He sought out the help of Pittsburgh criminal attorney Samir Sarna to represent him on these charges even though he wasn’t particularly concerned about his criminal record, since he was suffering from cancer and not employed at the time. He was, however, very worried about the possibility of his wife gaining a criminal record as she was also charged.

Samir attended three court dates on the client’s behalf. After meeting with the assistant district attorney and the police officers involved in the charge, he was able to negotiate a dismissal of all charges except for one count of possession of marijuana. The client ultimately served six (6) months of probation, and after that time Samir filed an expungement motion for all of the withdrawn charges. All charges filed against the client’s wife were also dismissed and expunged, allowing her to maintain a clean criminal record.

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