Commercial Driver Charged With Misdemeanor, Dismissed
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Commercial Driver Charged With Misdemeanor, Dismissed

A 53-year-old commercial truck driver from Arkansas was driving in Allegheny County when he swiped the side of another vehicle but continued driving. He was charged with a 3rd-degree misdemeanor for leaving the scene of an accident and not exchanging insurance information with the other driver. He was charged with a summary citation and if found guilty, his license would be suspended due to the points on his record.

Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Samir Sarna represented the man. Sarna knew that any points on his CDL record would adversely affect him and prevent insurers from covering him due to the higher risk involved. He pleaded guilty to an offense with zero points and paid a fee of $150 and court costs, dismissing all charges. The results were positive for our client.

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