Pittsburgh Cabbie Acquitted Of Rape And Attempted Murder
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Pittsburgh Cabbie Acquitted Of Rape And Attempted Murder

In Pennsylvania, there are few criminal charges as serious as a sex crime. A conviction for such an offense can profoundly and endlessly impact someone’s life. For example, the stakes could not have been higher for a 47-year-old cab driver and recent citizen of the United States after a liaison resulted in rape and attempted murder charges. One day, the Nigerian man encountered a woman panhandling on the street and after a brief discussion, he gave her $20. A few days later, he saw the same woman and offered her more money out of charity. The woman extended an invitation to her apartment, which he admitted to accepting because he had been felt lonely since his family was in Nigeria. When they arrived, it was nearly 11pm and he felt uncomfortable with the fact that her children were present. Ultimately, he expressed his concerns and left, suggesting that they go to his place. A short time later, the woman arrived at his residence and the two engaged in sexual activity. Afterwards, the woman had requested additional money, which he gave, thinking that he was helping out a new friend. However, three days later, police officers arrived at his apartment and charged the man based on the woman’s accusations. Despite maintaining his innocence and claiming their encounter was consensual, the man was arrested and put in jail until eventually being released and placed under house arrest to await trial. Now faced with the possibility of spending more than 40 years in prison, the man began seeking out a qualified Pittsburgh sex crimes attorney and retained Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC to fight these charges.

Attorney Matthew Ness reviewed all of the available evidence and passionately advocated for his client at trial. During the proceedings, attorney Ness argued there was a lack of forensic evidence to support that a rape occurred and pointed out several inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s testimony, regarding her sustained injuries. Furthermore, attorney Ness put forward that there was likely a cultural divide and his client unknowingly became involved with a woman, who may have been taking advantage of his generosity. After arguments ended, and due in large part to the fervent defense he received, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. The man was greatly relieved to finally be vindicated and was able to resume his life as a free man.

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