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Veteran’s Assault Charges Withdrawn & Expunged

A veteran in his mid-50s was at a bar with his wife that was within walking distance from his home. Another patron began to get into a verbal altercation with the man’s wife, and the police were called after the incident escalated. The man allegedly fought with the police in the bar, causing damage, and was also accused of fighting with the officers while in custody.

The man was charged with one count of assault by prisoner (a second-degree felony), one count of resisting arrest (a second-degree misdemeanor), two counts of simple assault (a second-degree misdemeanor), two counts of criminal mischief (a third-degree misdemeanor), and one count of disorderly conduct (a third-degree misdemeanor). As a married veteran with two children and a clean criminal record, he did not want to have any convictions on his record for the alleged offenses.

Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer Samir Sarna represented the man in two court dates in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. His defense focused on inconsistent statements and ulterior motives of the Commonwealth’s witnesses. Samir was able to obtain a withdrawal of the assault by prisoner charge at the preliminary hearing and negotiated a plea for the three summary offenses. The client ultimately paid a $300 fine with his court costs waived, and all charges were withdrawn and subsequently expunged.

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