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    First-Time DUI Reduced in Washington, Co

    Jul 31 2017, by Mike Worgul in Case Results, DUI

    A 23-year-old IT student was recently stopped by police and charged with his first-time DUI offense after police claimed to witness him leave a convenience store where they saw him stumbling around before driving away. Pennsylvania has strict penalties for DUI crimes and despite this man’s previously unblemished record, he was now in danger of having his license suspended for 12 months and possibly spending up to 3 days in a Washington County jail. Therefore, the man reached out to Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC and veteran Pennsylvania DUI lawyer Matthew Ness.

    Attorney Ness acquired the video surveillance tapes from the store, which appeared to contradict the officers’ claims. His thorough investigation led to extensive negotiations with the prosecution, where attorney Ness successfully leveraged the inflated claims to allow his client to enter the ARD program for a lesser charge of general impairment. Now, instead of the typically harsh penalties for a DUI, his client would only need to serve a 6-month term of probation, pay a $300 fine, and avoid the loss of his driving privileges.

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