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How Will a DUI Affect My Career?

Being pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be complicated and frightening. Moreover, you may be worried about how a DUI will affect your career, putting you at an even higher stress level.

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Do I Have to Report a DUI to My Employer?

If you get a DUI, you may have to report a conviction to your employer if you work in a particular field. If you’re a commercial driver or possess a CDL, then your employer likely requires the disclosure of any traffic tickets or a DUI conviction. If you operate any motor vehicles while on the job, you may also be required to report a DUI to your employer.

You should review your company handbook or consult with your human resources (HR) department to determine what your reporting requirements are.

Do I Have to Report a DUI to a Licensing Board?

If you have a professional license, such as a nursing license, medical license, or another form of registration, then you may have to report your DUI to the administrative board that manages your professional license. Each supervisory board has different requirements.

Some of the requirements for Pennsylvania licensing boards regarding DUI reporting include:

  • Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing – RNs, LPNs, CRNPs, LDNs, and CNSs must notify the State Board of Nursing within 30 days of pending criminal charges or a conviction.
  • Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine – Doctors and other medical professionals governed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine must report any criminal conviction, including a DUI, to the board.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education – Anyone working at a school, including teachers, principals, secretaries, school nurses, coaches, cafeteria staff, janitors, landscaping contractors, and more must report a DUI upon hire to a school district. If a teacher or anyone else with a professional license gets a DUI while employed, they must report to their employers and the Pennsylvania DOE.

This is just a sampling of the professionals who must report DUIs to their governing bodies. If you are unsure if you need to report a DUI to your licensing board, you should consult with a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer to find out more and discuss your legal options.

What Happens to My Career After a DUI?

If you get a DUI and you have to report the conviction to your employer or a governing agency, your job may be at risk. Your professional license could be suspended or revoked, or you may be let go by your employer. A skilled legal advisor can help you navigate a difficult situation before and after reporting your DUI. You may be able to challenge your DUI to avoid a conviction or negotiate the terms of your license or employment.

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