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How to Get a DUI Expunged in Pennsylvania

Having a DUI record in Pennsylvania can be a major setback when it comes to applying for jobs, submitting rental applications, seeking professional licenses, and pursuing opportunities where a criminal background check is required. While many offenses can’t be erased from a criminal record, some DUI offenses can be, especially in cases where an individual participated in an Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) program.

The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program & Expungement in PA

Pennsylvania’s Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) is a court program typically offered to first-time offenders who are unlikely to drive under the influence of alcohol again. After completing an ARD program, a person may be eligible to have his or her DUI record erased, after 10 years.

In Pennsylvania, this process of erasing a criminal record is known as expungement. A DUI expungement in PA effectively erases a person’s DUI record and results in the destruction of paper records, the deletion of computer files, and the striking of court documents relating to a DUI conviction.

DUI Expungement Laws in PA

In Allegheny County, a person can expunge DUI records including non-convictions, such as verdicts of not guilty, dismissals, withdrawal of charges, and ARD; convictions of summary offenses, so long as the defendant has not been arrested or prosecuted for 5 years following the DUI conviction; and parts of plea bargains, including ARD, probation without verdict, and Allegheny Service Institute programs.

If a defendant hasn’t taken part in an ARD program, the process for getting a DUI record expunged can be more difficult. Generally, a DUI offense may be expunged when an individual:

  • Reaches 70 years of age and has not been arrested or prosecuted in 10 years following release from incarceration or supervision
  • Has been deceased for three or more years
  • Petitions a court for the expungement of a summary offense (a minor criminal offense) and has also been free of arrest or prosecution for 5 years following the original conviction.

Following a conviction, a person has to wait years before he or she is eligible for a DUI expungement in PA. The precise amount of time varies depending on a number of factors, including whether the person completed an ARD program. If a person did complete an ARD program, he or she may automatically have his or her ARD records expunged after 10 years.

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