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Pittsburgh’s Mayor Believes PA Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable

Full marijuana legalization in PA could soon be a reality. After the Commonwealth authorized the use of cannabis for medical purposes in 2016, more and more legislators are warming up to the idea for legalizing the sale and use of the plant for recreational purposes. Nationwide, trends are pointing towards total legalization. Nine states now allow the recreational use of cannabis, while 29 states permit its use as a medical treatment.

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Pittsburgh’s Mayor Tweets in Support of Legalization

Mayor Bill Peduto made his position on recreational marijuana clear on Twitter. He believes that more state lawmakers around the nation will legalize and tax cannabis. Moreover, he stated that he wants Pennsylvania to take the lead in doing so

The Mayor retweeted Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, whose Twitter post claimed that marijuana legalization could bring in $350 million annually in state tax revenue. Mayor Peduto also argued that the criminal records for non-violent marijuana offenses unfairly limit employment and housing opportunities, especially in vulnerable communities.

Opponents of cannabis legalization argue that smoking the plant could encourage the use of other, more harmful psychoactive substances such as methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine. But Mayor Peduto correctly pointed out that, “There has been no documented research to show that marijuana is a gateway drug.”

Will Pennsylvania Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney also supports legalization, along with a growing group of left-leaning legislators such as Democratic Senator Daylin Leach, who has sponsored a bill that proposes to regulate adult marijuana use similar to alcohol. Senator Leach believes the Legislature could legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania as early as 2021.

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Pennsylvania will probably not legalize recreational marijuana in the immediate future. When and if legalization does occur, the state will also need to consider the rights of those people who already have criminal convictions for possession of cannabis.

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