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I have to admit I had some horrible experiences in the past with certain lawyers who were paid quite a sum of money only to be disappointed in the end results. At the time my husband was still alive so without his help since his passing I was really in a bind. Mr. Worgul was recommended for my son and it was the first meeting. The end results were in my sons favor and he knew nothing about my sons previous case but did a remarkable job for him. An incident came up that I needed a good lawyer but couldn’t afford a high priced one. I ran into Mr. Worgul at the courthouse and he told me to call his office to make an appointment. I explained that I really couldn’t afford his services and he agreed to meet with me to discuss my case. Not only did he listen without making a judgment but he agreed to take on my case at a lower cost. I put all my trust in his hands which believe me I was very hard for me to do for things that lawyers had done in the past. Mr. Worgul not only defended me but did an amazing job in the courtroom which by the way I was found innocent thanks to Mr. Worgul. I just sat there in amazement because he was the first lawyer I ran across that truly cared about me and my situation not the dollar amount. Thanks Mr. Worgul…..hats off to you for your professionalism and respect. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who really needs the help. He was there for me when the chips were down and did an amazing job.


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