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Totally exceptional outcome in my case. My commercial license was in jeopardy over an infraction called p.a3111. The trooper was somewhat deceptive about how the citation would affect my cdl, so I decided to contest with a not guilty plea.

Spoke with Samir, he hinted that there were a few ways to go about getting a favorable outcome, just the fact that he took my call so late at night, and answered the many questions I had, spoke volumes.

My case was later handled by Matt Ness, who came and cleared up my lingering concerns about the charge p.a 3111, which would carry as a moving violation, but no points. He suggested going with something called a p.a6502, which would register as an equipment violation, and does not carry points. Finally, we meet at the hearing, he told me to go wait in the car, and wait for a call. Literally, he calls back about 5-10 minutes later, and said, your case has been DISMISSED! Thanks again.