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Violent Crime Rates Drop in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has announced that the city has seen a drop in violent crimes over the last year. While the mayor recognizes that this decrease is a result of the hard work of many, the city does attribute much of its success to the efforts of an organization known as the Group Violence Intervention (GVI).

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Crime Numbers at a Glance

In 2016, Pittsburgh experienced a total of 180 shootings, both fatal and non-fatal. However, in 2017 that figure fell to 140, marking a 26 percent decrease in just a year. In fact, the year 2017 shows an eight percent decline in the past five years and a 12-year low for the city.

The figures for this year are looking even better. By March 2017, the city had recorded 31 non-fatal shootings, while this year the number has only reached 14.

What is The GVI?

While the police force has been praised for their efforts to keep violent crimes down, they aren’t doing it alone. The Group Violence Intervention (GVI) has offered their services as well. The GVI aims efforts on reforming violent offenders, gang members, and anyone else who they believe deserves a second chance.

The GVI was first introduced in 2010, but they were quickly disbanded – despite their best efforts, they were unable to work well with officers to make a positive impact on violent criminal activity. But, the group was revived in 2015 and given full support by police.

GVI uses the term “group” instead of “gang” to allow influential gang leaders to see the police as an ally rather than the enemy. Headed by prison minister Cornell Jones, the organization focuses on the most violent group members to reduce gun violence and homicides by street groups. Jones refers to it as a “carrot and stick” endeavor – on the one hand, they want group members to know they support them and care about their future. But on the other hand, group members who are not interested in turning their lives around need to know that the city does not plan to tolerate violence.

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