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    Can Cell Phone Video Be Used as Evidence in Court?

    Jan 18 2022 in Criminal Defense

    It is very common for people to take their phones out and photograph or film exciting things in their daily lives. If you are witnessing a crime, it is understandable that you may begin recording the incident on your cell phone. This video can help…

    Do I have to get out of my car for the Police?

    Jan 12 2022 in Uncategorized

    Are They Violating Your Rights? Knowing your rights in this day and age is extremely important while interacting with a Pittsburg police officer or other law enforcement agent in the state of Pennsylvania. Let’s say, you forgot to turn your blinker on before switching lanes….

    What Happens at Bail Hearings?

    Jan 12 2022 in Uncategorized

    What Happens After I’ve Been Arrested in Pittsburgh? Not every criminal offense is an arrestable offense. Often, the police officer will serve you a citation with a court date on it. Many times, it’s for a traffic offense like not wearing your seatbelt, and it…

    What Happens When the Police Break Up a Party?

    Jan 10 2022 in Juvenile Crimes

    House parties are common when kids are out of school and college students are back at their homes for the summer. Social media makes it easy for teens to learn about these events, and small gatherings can quickly turn into huge, out-of-control parties. Unfortunately, many…