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How to Get Your Gun Rights Back in Pennsylvania

As criminal defense lawyers representing people in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, we’ve seen the damage a conviction can do. It’s not just fines, jail, and probation. Some of the harm you’ll experience is reserved for long after your sentence is served….

Illegal & Legal Weapons You Can Carry in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh weapon laws are broad. Knowing your local regulations is the best defense against the justice system. The type of weapon, its status, and your location all factor in when deciding whether you were lawfully or unlawfully possessing a weapon….

Criminal Convictions That May Disqualify You From a CCW Permit in Pennsylvania

Charged With a Crime in Pennsylvania? It May Affect Your CCW Permit Under the Second Amendment, we have the right to bear arms. However, this right is not unlimited. This means that under certain circumstances, your right to carry a…

Acquittal in Fayette County Parole Violation Case

The criminal justice system in Pennsylvania and across the country does not typically treat parole or probation violations lightly. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges and even the population at large may predetermine your guilt if you are accused of violating…

Mandatory Minimums Not Allowed for Certain Charges

As of August 20th, certain crimes where a gun is present, including drug convictions and robberies, will no longer automatically trigger mandatory minimum laws. The Pennsylvania Superior Court has ruled that mandatory minimums for drug convictions involving a firearm are…