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When it involves family or someone you love, it’s important to find the right attorney so you can move on with your life and repair your relationships.

If you or a family member have been accused of a crime like kidnapping, stalking or abduction, you probably feel worried and upset. There are two sides to every story and it is likely you are concerned that your side will be heard and understood.

The repercussions of a kidnapping conviction can be especially painful. Your sentence may include years in prison and an expense fine; however, the damaging effects won’t stop there. You may be subject to a protective or restraining order that will severely restrict your behavior. Additionally, your family may be deeply hurt by the accusations against you and the repercussions to come.

Working with an experienced defense attorney can help you avoid some of the harshest consequences of a kidnapping or family crime charge.

An Attorney Will Give You The Counsel You Need

Being charged with a family crime is complicated. As an experienced attorney with over 10 years of experience, I know this can put a huge strain on your relationships and on your neighborhood. This could be a very public case. Thankfully I can help you manage this stress by handling the legal issues. The nuances of family crimes mean that the evidence, witnesses, and parties involved can be tricky. Say you have custodial rights but only on certain weeks. Your ex-partner is upset that you took your child to a baseball game without his or her agreement and calls the police to say that your child has been kidnapping. This is very different than someone who has been charged with breaking and entering someone’s home and kidnapping an infant from his crib. These cases should be treated as such.

You might also not know whether you should talk to the person who accused you of a family crime or if you should talk to the police. I can help you navigate this without incriminating yourself or getting you into further legal trouble.

Strong Defense For Kidnapping And Family Crimes

The unique circumstances are key for defending kidnapping and family crimes. I’ll analyze communications between you and the person accusing you of a family crime, custodial arrangements (if applicable), and speak with witnesses and people who may be willing to testify on your behalf. But the defense also relies a lot on understanding what the Commonwealth has for evidence as well. An experienced attorney like myself can properly assess the case and defend your rights.

Scope Of Kidnapping And Family Crimes

In Pittsburgh, kidnapping and family crimes include everything from following your ex-boyfriend home from work every day to driving under the influence with your children in the backseat.

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Your rights are at stake and you need the best defense to keep them. I will fight using the strongest defense available to get your Kidnapping and Family Crimes charge reduced or dismissed so you can move on with your life.

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