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Living with a DUI Suspension in Pittsburgh

A DUI conviction in Pennsylvania is not painless, mainly because even a first-time offender faces pretty heavy consequences, like possible jail time and having their license suspended. Fortunately, there are ways to live with a DUI suspension in Pittsburgh and even improve your situation by working with an experienced DUI attorney.

If your driver’s license was suspended because of a DUI, you know how inconvenient your daily life can become. It means relying on friends and family to get around, dealing with public transportation, and explaining why you can’t drive to your employer.

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The Problems of Driving Under a Suspended License

Getting your license suspended doesn’t mean your daily activities and duties get suspended, too. However, it throws a massive wrench into your day-to-day life, and the penalties for driving on a suspended license aren’t exactly pretty.

In Pennsylvania, driving under suspension is usually a summary offense, meaning it’s handled by the Magisterial District Court. Penalties can include a $200 fine, an additional license suspension for up to a year, and a permanent criminal record if you get convicted.

However, these penalties become much harsher if your license is suspended for a DUI. Convicted individuals face up to 90 days of jail for their first offense. Repeat offenders face up to $5,000 in fines and a mandatory jail ranging from two to five years.

The Pains of Living with a Suspended License

Anyone with a suspended license will tell you that it not only affects them, but their family and friends as well. While your loved ones will more than likely be happy to pick up the slack for a while, eventually it will become a strain on their lives and schedules.

What’s more, you’ll have to factor in added costs for gas money and other expenses that might incur from your loved ones hauling you around everywhere.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a network you can depend on for rides, you’ll be at the mercy of public transportation. Seeing as Port Authority buses don’t cover every square inch of Pittsburgh, this might add a significant amount of time to your work or school commute.

First-time DUI offenders with a high BAC or repeat DUI offenders must have their care outfitted with an Ignition Interlock system. This requires drivers to undergo a breathalyzer test before they’re able to start their car. The individual may also be randomly prompted to blow into the system for a breath check to see if you need to comply with Interlock Ignition requirements, check your license suspension or revocation notice. You’ll have 30 days to get your car outfitted with the device.

As for insurance premiums, just a single DUI offense can cause your monthly premiums to skyrocket. Any repeat offenses could cause you to lose your coverage completely.

How Worgul, Sarna & Ness Can Help You

At Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC, we understand the long-reaching consequences DUI license suspensions can have on both you and your loved ones. But the best way to avoid a DUI license suspension is by fighting the DUI charge from the beginning and working with an experienced DUI lawyer to secure the best possible way to protect your driving record and criminal record.

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