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My 21 year old son was the driver in a accident. He was charged with a Felony DUI , because of his blood alchol level, his passenger was injured, and other vehicle/driving citations. We contacted Michael Worgul based on a friends-father’s recomendation and the reviews on this site. Mr. Worgul was extremly knowledgeable and informative of the court process. He personally was present and lead us through each court apperance. He was always available to answer our calls with questions and concerns. In the end, we are confident that Mr. Worgul was able to have the charges reduced to the lowest state minimum allowed for a first time offender. As a mother, I am thankful that my son is alive and his friend has recovered. Given Mr. Worgul’s profession, I am also thankful that he was comforting, encouraging and treated us with dignity in today’s criminal process. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Worgul.


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