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    Driving Stoned: Marijuana DUI Laws

    Jan 06 2020 in DUI, Marijuana Crimes

    Across the country, more and more states are legalizing marijuana, either for medical use or even recreational purposes. Currently, cannabis is illegal for recreational use in Pennsylvania, but possession of small amounts is decriminalized in several largest cities, including Pittsburgh. As marijuana use becomes decriminalized,…

    5 Things That Can Make a Pittsburgh DUI Worse

    Dec 30 2019 in DUI

    A DUI can make your life very difficult. It may be weeks or even months until you can drive again, and you may be facing large fines and even jail time. The defense attorneys at our law firm have taken many Pittsburgh DUI cases to…

    PA DUI Law: Supreme Court Limits Birchfield

    Dec 15 2019 in DUI

    A DUI arrest and conviction will severely impact every part of your life. You may lose your right to drive for weeks or even months. The fines and increased insurance costs can pose a significant challenge to you and your family. Residents of Pennsylvania can…

    Common Mistakes Other DUI Lawyers Make

    Nov 08 2019 in Criminal Defense, DUI

    If you’ve been charged with DUI in Pittsburgh, you are probably facing the daunting task of hiring a DUI lawyer. These can be complicated cases that involve going to court, dealing with police officers, PennDOT hearings, and trying to keep your criminal and driving records…