How To Drop A Protection From Abuse Order (PFA)

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How To Drop A Protection From Abuse Order (PFA)

Accusations of domestic violence can lead to complicated and frightening court cases, especially following court orders in which a person is prohibited from returning home or from interacting with his or her spouse or children. Such a scenario can result if a victim of domestic violence petitions the court to protect him or her through a protection from abuse order known as a PFA. If granted, PFAs can be so severe as to prohibit an alleged abuser from contacting the victim and his or her children for up to three years.

In Pennsylvania, if you’ve asked the court for a PFA and have since changed your mind, there are several steps you can take to drop a PFA. At Worgul, Sarna & Ness, our experienced criminal attorneys have helped numerous individuals drop their PFAs with minimum damages to all parties involved. We know that domestic violence cases can be complicated, sensitive, often heart-wrenching affairs. That’s why we’ve compiled the following resources to help those wanting to drop a PFA in Pennsylvania.

How to Withdraw a PFA After Filing

In order to withdraw a Pittsburgh PFA, a victim must first have filed for one in the Allegheny County Family Division Court against an alleged abuser. Depending on the terms of the PFA petition, a judge may offer the victim some form of temporary relief including ordering an alleged abuser to cease threatening or abusing the victim; ordering an alleged abuser to leave the home or household; or granting temporary custody of children to the victim.

Once a Temporary PFA has been ordered, a Final PFA Hearing is scheduled within business 10 days. Until then, the Temporary PFA order will remain in effect and the alleged assaulter will be held to the terms of the Temporary PFA.

If the victim decides to drop the PFA, he or she will have the opportunity to do so at the Final PFA hearing. At the Final PFA hearing, the victim has the opportunity to withdraw his or her request for a PFA. In such circumstances, the Temporary PFA order may be terminated.

How Worgul Law Firm Can Help

Withdrawing a PFA is not a straightforward request. It requires a victim to have well-considered reasons for dropping the PFA he or she has filed for and must understand the consequences of dropping the PFA. Because victims often file for PFA orders under serious circumstances, the decision to drop a PFA must be treated equally as seriously.

Whether you’ve been granted a PFA or have been accused of domestic violence, Worgul Law Firm can help you consider your options when dealing with PFAs. Our skilled Pittsburgh criminal lawyers know that Final PFA hearings can be heart-wrenching affairs. If you’re hoping to drop a PFA or to see one against you be dropped, and are seeking legal counsel, call us at Worgul Law Firm for a free, initial consultation at (412) 281-2146 today.