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    Police Misconduct in Pittsburgh

    Jul 18 2021 in Criminal Defense

    Police officers are supposed to uphold the law and protect innocent citizens. However, officers’ actions have become questionable in many situations where they interact with the public, such as during the Black Lives Matter protests in Pittsburgh and nationwide. If you or a loved one…

    Pittsburgh DUI: What’s the Penalty for Being Double the Limit?

    Jul 06 2021 in DUI

    You face increased, longer-lasting penalties for a Driving Under the Influence charge when you are double the legal limit of .08%. This means higher fines, extended license suspension, and more jail time. Even if this is your first offense, a DUI conviction for double the…

    Things That Make a DUI in Pittsburgh Worse

    Jun 07 2021 in DUI

    You cannot undo a DUI arrest, but you can do things that make your situation worse. Pittsburgh police officers don’t fool around when it comes to drunk drivers. Here are things that make a DUI worse – and what you should do instead. Your Driver’s…

    The Real Cost of Passing a Bad Check

    Mar 24 2021 in Theft Crimes

    Writing a check with insufficient funds in your bank account can happen to anyone. However, when you intentionally write a check that you know will bounce, you may face serious consequences in Pennsylvania. The real costs of passing a bad check expand far beyond simply…