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    When To Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Mar 20 2021 in Criminal Defense

    If you or a loved one were arrested in Pittsburgh, you are likely wondering whether you should call a criminal defense lawyer. The answer is simple: Yes, as soon as possible. Why? Because the earlier you hire a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer, the more your…

    The Real Cost of Court Fees & Fines in Pittsburgh

    Feb 17 2021 in Criminal Defense

    When people are exposed to the criminal justice system for the first time, they are usually surprised by how unfair it is – especially when it comes to money. If you’re wealthy and facing charges, some cards aren’t stacked against you, like making bail or…

    There’s a New Rule for Vehicle Searches in Pennsylvania

    Jan 27 2021 in Criminal Defense

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently restricted the police’s ability to search your vehicle unless they have a very good reason. The court’s 55-page decision boils down to when officers can and cannot search a car without a search warrant. Since a vehicle search can be…

    4 Questions About Your License after a Pittsburgh DUI

    Jan 22 2021 in DUI

    A Pittsburgh DUI conviction carries various practical problems beyond fines and time in custody. Your ability to drive can also be impacted, leaving your license suspended. It can also lead to higher car insurance premiums. Even if you can still drive, you may need to…