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5 Tips to Avoid a DUI in Pittsburgh this Spring Break

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Whether you’re returning home, heading to the city, or flying off to Florida this spring break, it’s important to keep your partying and driving activities separate. Not only does driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs endanger your life and your passengers’ lives, it also puts other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists at risk. Furthermore, law enforcement officers know that spring break is a common time for partying. They keep a special eye out for impaired drivers on the roadway.

  1. Find a Ride or Find a Designated Driver: If you’ve been drinking any amount of alcohol or plan to be drinking, the safest option is to find a ride home with a taxi or other ride service, or to find a designated driver to take you home. In Pennsylvania, a person under the age of 21 can be charged with a DUI for having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 or above, even if that person does not feel impaired by alcohol. For those 21 years of age or older, the legal limit is .08, which can be reached for many people after just a few drinks.

  2. Don’t Drive Under the Influence of Drugs: Many students aren’t aware that a person can be charged with a DUI even if they haven’t been drinking any alcohol. Under Pennsylvania’s DUI laws, use of controlled substances—including marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine—can lead to a DUI charge. If you or your friends are using any type of drug or party drug, don’t risk getting charged with a DUI. Instead, don’t drive.

  3. Avoid Sleeping In or Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence: In Pennsylvania, a person can be charged with a DUI simply for operating a vehicle. The term “operate” doesn’t necessarily mean driving, either. In fact, in Com. v. Williams 871A.2d 254 (2005), a driver was charged with a DUI after pulling over to sleep. If you plan to drink this spring break or to use recreational drugs, no matter the reason, don’t get behind the driver’s wheel…period.

  4. If You’re Pulled Over, Submit to Sobriety Testing: If you’re pulled over and have been drinking or using drugs, it’s best to submit to sobriety testing. Because your refusal to submit to testing could later be used against you in court—and lead to fines, license suspension, and drug or alcohol treatment—it’s best to consent to roadside and chemical testing. If you later end up being charged with a DUI, contact a skilled Pittsburg DUI lawyer who can help to defend your case in court.

  5. Contact an Experienced Pittsburg DUI Lawyer

    Being charged with a DUI can be a scary experience, but being convicted can be even scarier. If you were charged with a DUI, whether or not you’d been drinking or driving, contact a skilled Pittsburgh DUI lawyer today. At Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, we have experience helping students who are facing DUIs and can work with you to build a strong defense so that you can avoid the worst of Pennsylvania’s DUI penalties. Call our team of experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorneys today at (412) 281-2146 to receive a free and confidential case evaluation.